Update on Intermediate (50/70) Division

After hearing concerns from parents, Armstrong Athletics Board of Directors have decided to gear the Little League Intermediate (50/70) Division towards our more skilled players ages 11-12. Although the division allows for players ages 11-13, we feel it is best to separate the 13-year old players from 11-year old players. Currently, District 26 has around (7) other organizations signed on to field teams in this division. A 13-year old ONLY team will be formed in the Intermediate (50/70) Division to compete against other organizations with a 13-year old team.

At Player Evaluations, we will have independent evaluators, who may make recommendations to parents of players at this age level to compete at either Little League Major Division (traditional 11-12 Little League) or Little League Intermediate (50/70) division.

If your child is already registered in either division and our evaluators feel a transfer is warranted and agreed upon, there is no additional fee to transfer either down to the Major Division or up to the Intermediate Division.

Please remember: “Early Bird” Discount of $25.00 is available until January 31, 2020. This is in addition to the 2nd child $50 discount applied at registration.

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