Team Mom

As a Team Mom, your role is to assist Managers and Coaches of your child’s assigned team.

These duties of a Team Mom are as follows:

  1. Collect any fundraising ticket stubs from your players. There will be no money to collect as the funds received from the sale of the fundraising tickets are kept by the player’s family to offset the cost of registration. Return any ticket stubs to your team Manager.  He or she will submit to the league Treasurer.
  2. Distribute and collect picture order forms from your players on Opening Day and distribute team pictures when delivered.
  3. Concession Stands: As Team Mom you will be required to assist with the concession stands at our fields.
  4. You are required to work the concession stand during your game on Opening Day.
  5. You are responsible for scheduling two (2) individuals to work the concession stand for each of your home games. (If the concession stand is not open at the field of your scheduled game, your team will have to forfeit the game!)
  6. Ensure the concession stands have been properly closed for the night after your scheduled game.
  7. You are responsible for making the nightly deposit of concession stand monies after your scheduled game.
  8. If you have any issues in regards to the concession stand conditions, i.e. cleanliness, security, products, please contact the Concession Coordinator.
We appreciate your help and support for Armstrong Athletics!