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Hello Team Moms and welcome to the Armstrong Athletics 2019 Spring Baseball & Softball 2019 Season!!  

My name is Hillary Morrow, I over see the concessions stands along with my “Team”.   

We have very few changes from 2018 so I thought an email would be easier than having an in person meeting.   The AA board has decided to cancel our opening ceremonies due to having so many conflicts with other sports / activities.  (Other plans for an end of year party are in the works).  

We are still asking teams to donate a raffle basket for opening day.  All softball teams will be playing at Jud Field. All softball can drop their basket at Jud. If you are on the baseball side, please drop your basket off at the field you are playing at for Opening Day.  This can be done any time the week of Opening Day.  Any questions please let me know.

As always, for Opening Day, we ask Team Moms to help run the concession stands.  Both “home” and “away” Team Moms will run concession stands during your game. You are more than welcome to ask for more help from your team, but each game needs at least 1 parent from each team.  You will see myself and my team around the fields on Opening Day as well if anything is needed.

During regular season when your team is the HOME team you will need (2) parents running concession stands and one parent doing 50/50.  50/50 must be completed at each game.  Putting together a calendar / schedule at the beginning of the season is the best way to keep things in order for concession and 50/50.  Please NO KIDS should handle the 50/50. 

Fox’s Pizza will have our schedule (same as last year), so you do NOT have to call and order your pizza.  Only time Fox’s needs called is if your game is cancelled due to the weather.   

Call: (724) 543-3697 

Also, please familiarize yourself with the “Game Day Protocol:”

Deposit locations are: Nextier Kittanning, West Kittanning (Right beside Montebell), and Worthington.  All (3) locations have night drops. 

If you are a new team mom with us this year, please text or call me or one of my team mates, and we will gladly meet up with you to go over any questions you may have with the concession stands. 

**I am still looking for someone to help me out at the Civic Center this year!  If you know any one please have them call me.**

Montebell Field: Hillary Morrow (724) 664-0204
Jud Field: Julie Pella (724) 525-7045
Stewart Field: Amber Jack (724) 859-2568, Cami Meredith (724) 664-2393
Pawkovich Field: Kara Stewart (724) 664-3793
Civic Center: Position Open

If you have any questions about the up coming season please ask, I will do my best to help you! 

Hillary Morrow
Concession Coordinator 

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