TEE Ball Rules and Regulations:
  1. Home team shall occupy the first base dugout and visiting team shall occupy the third base dugout.
  2. Each game will be five (5) innings long with a time limit of one hour. No inning shall start after 55 minutes of play.
  3. All players on the team will be allowed on the field for defense. However, there will be a limit of four (4) standard infield players, in addition to the pitcher and catcher.  The remaining players must be positioned in the outfield grass.
  4. To the managers discretion each inning or every two innings the defensive players must play a different position than they previously played in that particular game. There will not be assigned positions at this level.
  5. Coaches should equalize playing time in the infield and outfield for all players throughout the season. Players shall be given the opportunity to play a variety of positions.
  6. Every offensive player must wear a helmet when batting or running the bases. Helmets should also be worn during practice.
  7. Coaches may only throw over-hand from one knee or under-hand. Coaches may only pitch three balls per at bat (regardless of foul balls or unhittable pitches thrown by the coach). After three pitches the ball will be placed on the Tee for the player to hit.  After two swings on the tee if the player is still having difficulty hitting the ball in play the coach should help the player hit the ball off the Tee.
  8. Runners can only advance one (1) base per hit ball.
  9. An inning shall end after all players have had a turn at bat.
  10. Coaches will handle all Umpiring from their respective positions on the field during play.
  11. Defensive coaches are permitted to be on the field in fair territory for instructional purposes. Coaches are not permitted to touch a live ball, but only to instruct the players.
  12. No league standings and no official score is to be kept. Since no standings are kept all games need not be completed.  Coaches wishing to schedule a make-up game will coordinate the make-up game with the opposing coach and the field scheduler.

Pony Baseball Rules:

(Click here to download the 2019 Official PONY Baseball Rulebook)