Request for Bids

Request for Bids: Replacement of Dugout Structures at Pawkovich Field

Armstrong Athletics aims to ensure that our players have safe, well maintained facilities throughout our baseball and softball season. Currently the dugout structures, previously constructed with treated timbers are in a state of disrepair and need reconstructed. In lieu of condition of the structures, Armstrong Athletics Board of Directors are requesting bids be submitted to address the demolition and replacement of the dugouts located at Pawkovich Field, located in Worthington, PA

Scope of Work:
The Work consists of the demolition of the existing and construction of new poured concrete or concrete block dugout structures at Pawkovich Field. (See Attachment A for dimensions and an aerial diagram of the structures.)

 General Requirements and Instructions:
Armstrong Athletics is aiming to commence the work outlined in this Request for Bids on January 1, 2020, and to be completed before the start of the 2020 Spring baseball and softball season, March 31, 2020.

Dates of Engagement: January 1, 2020 – March 31, 2020

Working hours:
Work for the demolition and construction of new dugout structures should occur during normal working hours, or as outlined in local ordinances governing working hours. Any violations or fines levied for working outside of normal working hours is the sole responsibility of the Bidder. Armstrong Athletics is not responsible for any fines levied in violation of any local ordinances governing working hours.

Armstrong Athletics is seeking (2) separate bids.

  • Bid #1: Demolition and construction of poured concrete dugout structures, including all excavation required.
  • Bid #2: Demolition and construction of concrete block dugout structures, including all excavation required.

 *Please note: If Bidder does not perform excavation services needed for the construction of the proposed structures, a separate quote from a qualified subcontracted excavation company (recommended by Bidder) MUST be attached to the submitted bid. All submission requirements apply to the subcontractor of excavation services.

Armstrong Athletics reserve the right to make changes in the procedural rules and regulations which guide the Bidder. These include scheduling of specific events, halting work where interference with league activities exists, and similar changes.

Address of Proposed Work:
Pawkovich Ball Park
115 Maple Lane
Worthington, PA 16262

Responsibility of Bidder:

  • The Bidder is responsible for his own quality control. Armstrong Athletics Field Maintenance Coordinator and any other deemed responsible Executive Board Member shall provide oversight, but not a quality control program.
  • The Bidder shall be responsible for all damages to persons, and/or property that occur as a result of their fault or negligence in connection with carrying out their work. The Bidder is responsible for all material delivered and work performed until completion and acceptance of the work by the Armstrong Athletics President and Field Maintenance Coordinator.
  • The Bidder shall use safety shielded equipment and /or follow all commonly practiced safety measures, as required by all local, state or federal guidelines.
  • The Bidder shall perform all labor in the most thorough and workmanlike manner.
  • The successful Bidder shall not subcontract the whole or a portion of this work without the written consent of Armstrong Athletics. No subcontracted work may be performed without prior written approval of Armstrong Athletics.
  • The Bidder shall obtain and pay for all permits and licenses, pay all taxes, and comply with all laws, regulations, and ordinances bearing on the conduct of the work.
  • It will be the Bidder’s responsibility to inspect the work site and remove all rubbish and debris resulting from the demolition of the existing structures. Rubbish and debris are to be removed from the site by the Bidder.
  • Disposal of debris/construction materials resulting from the demolition of the existing structures must be disposed of in a safe manner and follow all local, state and federal guidelines governing disposal of such material.

Notice of Bidders Failure to Perform and Termination of Contract:
Bidders are advised that this contract includes provisions in the event the bidder fails to perform:

  • Representatives from Armstrong Athletics will conduct a walk-through of the newly constructed facilities and provide a “punch list” of non-performed work or work failing to satisfy the minimum requirements of the contract. The Bidder will be allotted a reasonable schedule to complete the items noted in the “punch list.”
  • Any additional cost associated with items previously documented and contained within the “punch list” will be the responsibility of the Bidder.
  • Armstrong Athletics, at their discretion, may afford to Bidder an opportunity to perform the non-performed work within one (1) days’ notice of non-performance to the Bidder.
  • If after the “punch list” has been submitted and items are deemed not completed or not satisfactory, Armstrong Athletics shall deduct from Bidder’s request for payments its best estimate of the cost of all non-performed work and Armstrong Athletics may, at its option, perform the services oneself or contract another contractor to complete the work.
  • It shall be specifically understood between the Bidder and Armstrong Athletics that this contract may be terminated by Armstrong Athletics whenever the contractual services are not provided to the satisfaction of Armstrong Athletics.

Pre-Bid Meeting:
A Pre-Bid meeting to address any questions in regards to the Request for Bids will be held on Tuesday, December 3, 2019, with the location to be determined. All interested Bidders are encouraged to attend. Please check the Armstrong Athletics website for more information:

Submission Requirements:
Submissions are due on or before: December 7, 2019 by 11:00 PM

Completed Bids should be sent via email, as an Adobe PDF file and include the following:

  • Company Profile, listing relevant experience
  • Contact information with key personnel
  • List of (3) professional references
  • Proof of insurance coverage
  • Itemized proposed estimate of probable costs to perform work as outlined in the above request for bids.
  • Bids must be signed by key company representative

Send all submissions via email to:

Brian Shaffer
Armstrong Athletics President

Please provide the following text in the subject of the email: “Request for Bids: Replacement of Dugout Structures at Pawkovich Field.”

Please send all questions in regard to the above Request for Bids to the following:

Award of Contract:
All received bids will be read aloud and discussed at Armstrong Athletics monthly Board Meeting scheduled for December 8, 2019. Should a decision be made to accept a bid, the winning Bidder will be contacted on December 9, 2019. Upon selection and notification to winning Bidder, schedule of payment will be discussed. Only the winning Bidder will be contacted.


Armstrong Athletics is seeking (2) separate bids.

  • Bid #1: Demolition and construction of poured concrete dugout structures, including all excavation required.
  • Bid #2: Demolition and construction of concrete block dugout structures, including all excavation required.

APPROXIMATE AREA (Dugout structure footprint): ±150 SF./Dugout

(Click here to download a PDF file of the Request for Bids document)