We’re proud to announce Kittanning Little League and West Armstrong Athletics have joined forces to become Armstrong Little League and the Armstrong Athletics for 2018.

Former Kittanning Little League President Mike Mills explained how the two combining came to happen.
“Over the last couple of months, Gabe Lash from the West Armstrong Athletics and I got together and discussed merging the two leagues. From there we met with our boards and the concept was met with great positivity and optimism. We were all on the same page so we combined the two leagues and we’re so excited for what this means for the community, the kids, and the parents,” Mills explained.

Now the teams will be Armstrong Little League, Armstrong Softball, and Armstrong Pony League – that much is set for the next season.

“The younger ages are going to play Little League and the older ages will be playing Pony League. So we want to take the opportunities all of those present use it to the advantage of the kids,” Mills said.

“We’re excited, we did the numbers and when we combine the two programs we should have around 500 kids. That is exciting, geographically in District 26 that puts us in a great spot for travel. We’re going to have enough in house local teams too so the travel for families will be minimum and it will maximize the competition,” Mills added.