Game Day Protocol

The following protocol must be followed during days in which your team has a scheduled HOME game:

 If the scheduled game must be cancelled due to current weather conditions, follow the “Game Cancellation Procedure.”

 1.) The HOME TEAM MUST ensure that the concession stand is opened and ready to operate prior to the start of your scheduled game. (Your TEAM MOM should be ultimately responsible for this duty, i.e scheduling parents to work as well as all operations of the concession stand during your scheduled HOME games).


 2.) CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF 11 ARE NOT PERMITTED IN THE PRESS BOX OR CONCESSION STAND. A MAXIMUM OF (2) KIDS OVER THE AGE OF 11 ARE PERMITTED IN THE PRESS BOX ONLY. If children over the age of 11 are upstairs in the press box, they are permitted to operate the scoreboard and PA System ONLY! Armstrong Athletics does not operate a “Babysitting Service” and the Press Box is not meant as such a place! Kids can be distracting not only to the Parents watching the game but to players on the field.

 3.) The HOME TEAM MUST organize and collect the money for the 50/50 drawing. THIS MUST BE DONE DURING EVERY SCHEDULED GAME! (Your Team Mom should be ultimately responsible for this task.)

 4.) The HOME TEAM MUST Ensure that Umpires have arrived to officiate the game. If Umpires have not arrived, please call the Umpire in Chief, Don Lowry at (724)-525-5462 or Armstrong Athletics President, Mike Mills at (724)-664-0900.

5.) The HOME TEAM MUST prepare the field of play prior to the start of the game, i.e. raking, dragging, etc. (The fields should have been maintained after previous days games. If your game is directly after a previously scheduled game on the same day, it is the HOME TEAM’S responsibility to prepare the field for play.)

 **IF THERE IS AN ISSUE WITH THE CONDITION OF THE FIELD, PLEASE CALL OUR FIELD MAINTENANCE COORDINATORS, Todd Dosch (Montebell Field) at (724)-664-6009 or Brian Harclerode (Pawkovich Field) at 724-640-5540.**

6.) The HOME TEAM MUST line all the baselines as well as the “Batter’s Box.”

7.) The HOME TEAM MUST turn on the overhead field lights prior to the start of the game scheduled at 7:30 PM or any other times as needed.

8.) The HOME TEAM MUST rake and drag the fields at the end of their game if they are the last scheduled game of the night.

9.) The HOME TEAM MUST ensure the concession stands and press box are clean and properly closed for the night. This means performing a “walk-through” to confirm all windows have been closed, all lights have been switched off, coolers restocked, counter surfaces have been wiped down, hot dog rollers cleaned, sound equipment has been shut down, appropriate breakers have been switched off and all doors have been locked.

10.) The HOME TEAM MUST ensure all bathrooms have been inspected, which includes flushing of the toilets and ensuring they are operational and restocked with paper products.

11.) The HOME TEAM MUST ensure all facility doors are locked and secured, including sheds, storage buildings, bathrooms and concession stands.

12.) The HOME TEAM MUST ensure all field tools are returned to their appropriate location, i.e. home dugout or proper storage shed/building.

 13.) The HOME TEAM MUST ensure the overhead field lights have been switched off.

14.) The HOME TEAM MUST ensure that all trash has been emptied in the concession stands, dugouts, around the ball fields and placed in the dumpsters located at each field. Trash bags should be replaced in each trash receptacle after emptying.

If we all follow the above protocol, we will ensure that our fields remain in the best possible condition for future years. Your cooperation is appreciated.