For Parents

This page is to provide information to parents of children who participate in Armstrong Athletics programs.

1.) When does the Spring Regular Season start?
The Spring Season typically starts around the first week in May, weather permitting. The first games of the season will be the Opening day games. Practices will start in late March to early April. There may be opportunities for indoor practices in inclement weather, but will depend on availability of facilities.

2.) How long does the Spring Regular Season last?
The Spring Regular Season will typically last from early May to the middle of June. After the end of the Regular Season, the End of Season Tournament (for ages 7-14, depending on the number of teams) will take place. The All-Star Tournament Season will begin after the completion of the End of Season Tournament.

3.) What is Fall Ball?
Fall Ball is a developmental baseball and softball program, typically less formal than the Spring Season and consists of training and games. This program is designed for kids from ages 7-14. Experienced coaches and trainers will be on hand and are committed to instructing kids of all interest, skill and grade levels. The Fall Ball Season will typically start with practices beginning in mid August and games starting the beginning of September and lasting through October. *The League Age of players for Fall Ball is their League Age of the upcoming Spring Season.*

4.) How do I know what Division my son or daughter is eligible for?
Both Little League Baseball and PONY Baseball use the same age cut-off date of August 31. USA Softball uses
January 1. Follow the age charts on our “Register” page:

When you login to our registration system, the system will automatically recognize what programs your child is eligible by their birthdate.

5.) Do I need to provide a copy of my child’s Birth Certificate each season?
If your child has participated in our programs in previous years, your child’s birth certificate should be on file in our records. If you have questions in regards to this information, please email our Player Agent:

6.) Does my child need a “Physical” to be eligible to play?
No, your child does not need a “Physical” to participate in our programs. You WILL need to complete a Medical Release Form. A link to this form can be downloaded on our “Register” page:

7.) Do I need to provide a copy of my child’s Medical Release Form each season?
If your child has participated in our programs in previous years, your child’s Medical release Form should be on file in our records. If your child’s medical condition has changed, you WILL need to complete a new form. If you have questions in regards to this information, please email our Player Agent:

8.) Can I pay cash or check for the registration fees?
Yes, you can pay cash or check in-person at your scheduled Player Evaluations. Your registration is not complete until payment is made or payment arrangements have been agreed upon. Parents who are experiencing a financial hardship can contact any Armstrong Athletics Board Member and request their situation to be reviewed by the Board of Directors.

9.) What do my registration fees cover?
Registration fees cover the costs of operating the league, including paying all utilities at all Armstrong Athletics facilities, field maintenance, league team equipment and supplies, concession stands products, umpires fees, national charters to Little League, PONY Baseball, USA Fast Pitch Softball, local registration fees to Butler Area Baseball League and Alle-Kiski ASA, uniforms, i.e. jersey and hat, league insurances, facility upgrades, website registration and maintenance, year-end tax preparation and many other expenses. All Board Members as well as Managers and Coaches are non-paid Volunteers.

10.) Can I request that my child “play up” a division or “play down” a division?
Parents can request their child either “play up” or “play down” a division. A request must be submitted to the Player Agent. You must first register your child for the division that they are eligible according to their age. Then you must complete the appropriate Player Transfer Request Form.

For Baseball Player transfer requests click the following link: Baseball Player Transfer Request Form
For Softball Player transfer requests click the following link: Softball Player Transfer Request Form

The request will be heard by the Armstrong Athletics Board of Directors and voted on a case-by-case basis. Transfers down a division must be limited to safety issues or physical or mental limitations. Transfers to an upper division should be based on skill level and safety, and is at the discretion of the Board of Directors. If the transfer is approved, the child will be transferred to that division. Transfers are not guaranteed and may be subject to final division and team registration numbers.

11.) Can I still register my child after Registration closes?
Yes, you can still register your child, but you will be assessed a $25 late fee/child. Your child will then be placed on a “waiting list” to determine which team he or she will be placed on. Starting in 2020, Late Registrants WILL NOT be accepted after the Player Draft has occurred. All players should be registered prior to Player Evaluations!

12.) How do player evaluations work and what do i need to bring?
Each child, according to their age group, is evaluated on throwing and catching, fielding ground balls, fielding fly balls and hitting in a cage, with a machine pitching at an age appropriate speed. The evaluations occur inside the Armstrong High School Gymnasium. Parents will need to bring the child’s batting helmet, baseball/softball glove and bat. NO SPIKES are allowed in the gymnasium, sneakers only!

13.) How are teams chosen?
Armstrong Athletics utilizes a draft system in which all players are placed in a player pool after Player Evaluations. Each selected Manager will take turns choosing players, according to order chosen before the draft, until all players have been placed on a team. All registered players will be placed on a team. Players and parents will be notified by their chosen team Manager.

14.) Will brothers or sisters be placed on the same team?
If your family has brothers or sisters in the same age group, they will be placed on the same team. Please send an email to our Player Agent with this request:

15.) Can my child be placed on the same team as his or her cousin or neighbor for help with transportation?
Armstrong Athletics can not accommodate every parent request. If extenuating circumstances arise, you can ask for your individual case be reviewed by our Board of Directors.

16.) Can I request a specific Team Manager or Coach?
Armstrong Athletics does not honor specific requests for Managers and Coaches. If you feel that your child must be placed with a specific Team Manager or Coach, you can submit a request to our Board of Directors for review. We cannot guaranteed that your request will be met.

17.) How can I contact my Team Manager to find out when practices and games are scheduled?
After the draft has occurred, your Team Manager will reach out to you. You will also need to download the “Dick’s Team Manager” app (formerly known as “GameChanger Team Manager”). This app is available on Android and Apple phones. This app will be your primary method of team communication and you will also be able to view scheduled practices and games. You will use the SAME USERNAME AND PASSWORD FOR THIS APP AS YOU USED FOR REGISTRATION. You will not see anything in the app until after the draft and the teams have been posted. Once the teams have been posted, your app will automatically populate with your team and contact information. Once scheduling has been completed, the app will populate with your practice and game schedule.

18.) What teams will we be playing and how much travel is involved?
Our Tee Ball program is an in-house program, no travel is involved. Little League Baseball (ages 7-12) will play games within PA District 26. The teams in this district are located in Armstrong, Westmoreland and northern Allegheny County. The majority of the season’s games will be in-house (depending on the number of total teams), but Team Managers may schedule inter-league home and away games with teams from District 26. There is no set number of required inter-league games, this is up to your Team Manager.

PONY Baseball (ages 13-16) will play games in-house as well as inter-league home and away games with teams located in Butler County.

Our Fast Pitch Softball program will play in-house games as well as inter-league games in the Alle-Kiski ASA Fast Pitch Softball League. The teams affiliated in this league are located in Armstrong, Butler, Westmoreland and Allegheny Counties.

The average number of regular season games varies, but a typical season can include 15-20 games.

*There are no set number of required games, this will depend on the number of Armstrong Athletics teams for each program and age group and your Team Manager who will schedule inter-league games.

19.) What do I need to purchase for my child for the season?
Baseball: Parents will need to purchase an age appropriately sized bat, helmet, glove and appropriate footwear for each participating child, as well as 
gray baseball pants. All baseball teams at all age levels of Armstrong Athletics wear gray pants. Baseball socks and belt are typically purchased after teams are announced. Managers will typically choose the color of socks and belt to coordinate with their overall team colors. Team jerseys and hats are provided by Armstrong Athletics.


Fast Pitch Softball: Parents will need to purchase an age appropriately sized bat, helmet, glove and appropriate footwear for each participating child, as well as black softball pants. All softball teams at all age levels of Armstrong Athletics wear black pants. Softball socks and belt are typically purchased after teams are announced. Managers will typically choose the color of socks and belt to coordinate with their overall team colors.Team jerseys and hats are provided by Armstrong Athletics.


For help in choosing the right size of bat for your child, review our guide: 

20.) How can I volunteer to manage or help coach my child’s team?
Follow the information on our “Volunteer” page:

21.) Do I need to register as a Volunteer if I have to work in the Concession Stand?
YES, parents working in the Concession Stand DO need to register as a Volunteer or complete the clearances and background check, if children are permitted in the concession stands. Starting in 2020, Armstrong Athletics has decided to no longer allow children in our concession stand facilities at any time to avoid the need for concession workers to obtain clearances.

22.) Why do I need complete clearances every season?
Both Little League Baseball, PONY Baseball and USA Softball all require successful completion of the PA Act 153 Background Check. The Pennsylvania Act 153 Clearance is one of the latest background check solutions for Pennsylvania organizations. The State of Pennsylvania has taken a huge step in keeping children safe by passing the PA Act 153 of 2014. This law helps to ensure that any adults who come in contact with children, either paid employees or unpaid volunteers, complete a comprehensive, and regularly updated, child abuse and criminal background check the PA State Police (PATCH). This requires the following:

  1. Criminal History Record from the PA State Police (PATCH) system (must be completed each season).
  2. Child Abuse Clearance obtained through the Department of Public Welfare (certifications must be made every 60 months, or 5 years).
  3. FBI Fingerprint screening (this does not include volunteers with a ten-year consistent PA residence).
  4. JDP Nationwide Background Check. For more information visit our “Volunteer” page:

For more information on Volunteer Clearances click the following link:

23.) How can I sponsor my son or daughter’s team?
Visit our “Sponsors” page for more information:

24.) What is the Dick’s Team Manager App and how do I use it?
The Dick’s Team Manager app is a Team Management app that integrates with our online Registration system. Teams will be using this app for communication, scheduling, etc. This app replaces the previous “Dick’s Team Sports HQ” app. For more information and help using the app click the following link:

25.) What if I forget my username and password?
First, try to reset your username and password yourself by clicking on the “Forgot your Username or Password?” on the login screen. If that does not work, please send an email to