For Baseball Players League Age 13

Players, League Age 13 should register for the 14U PONY Division. When you check-in at Player Evaluations, you will be asked if your player is also interested in playing on a 13-year old only Little League Intermediate (50/70) Division Team. This team will only be formed if there is enough interest and commitment and will schedule games against other leagues fielding a 13-year old only team.

A minimum of (12) games is required to be scheduled and a player must participate in 60% of the scheduled games to be eligible to compete in the post season Little League Intermediate (50/70) Division Tournament 13-year old team.

If this additional team is formed, players may have as many as 3-4 scheduled games per week, which would include the 14U PONY regular season games, as well as the 13-year old Little League Intermediate (50/70) Division games.

*Any additional cost for the 13-year old Intermediate (50/70) Division Team will be discussed with those interested before a commitment is required.*

Thank you for your continued cooperation! We are working diligently to provide as many opportunities as possible for the children of our communities, but we understand confusion can be a byproduct of new offerings!

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our President or Vice President:

Thank you!


Brian Shaffer, President

Stephen Gilliland, Vice President

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