Board Minutes

Armstrong Little League
Meeting Minutes for October 11, 2017


Mike Mills, Gabe Lash, Jim Morrow, Dave Zablocki, Curt Fahlor, AJ Crissman, Julie Pella, Jarrod Toy, Jeff Southworth, Josh Bundy
Britt Blose, Mike Rizzo, Brian Shaffer, Todd Dosch, Mike Johns, Tammy Crissman, Tawnya Petrovic, Andy Miller
Kristen Peat, Shawn Shaner, Chris Hutchens.

Old Business:

  • Motion made to accept previous minutes by Kristen, seconded by Jim.

Committee Reports:

  • $12,000 in KLL bank account and $25.284.14 for WAA bank account.
  • Roof is on at the Pawkovich Field Concession Stand. Still need the ditch completed at the softball field and mower. Possible upgrade to batting cages.
  • Make sure everyone has submitted their background checks to Sean.
  • Most league equipment has been returned.
  • Concession Stand: Stewart Field: Camie Meredith and Amber Jack Pawkovich Field: possible Mallory Wyncoop.


New Business:

  • Scoreboard is not working properly at Montebell Field estimated cost $125 to get fixed.
  • Logos: Brian presented us with logo options. Motion was made to except the “Established in 2017” one and the #2 that in previous emails we mostly liked by Shawn, seconded by Todd.
  • Motion was made to not use MLB names for softball, but use Armstrong Fast pitch by Chris and seconded by Mike J.
  • Opening Day: We cannot use AHS Football field due to construction. Still need suggestions on location.
  • Public Meeting: Advertising in the Kittanning Paper and the Leader Times.
  • Public meeting discussions: Reasons for the leagues combining, Structure of the league, registration times and costs, Opening day, rotating field usage, suggesting the players help in raking the fields, Concession stand, Draft, & Levels of Play.
  • Numbers from both leagues combined from 2017:
    • T-Ball: 114
    • 8U Softball: 37
    • 10 U Softball: 37
    • 12U Softball: 23
    • 15 U Softball: 15
    • 7-8 Baseball: 72
    • 9-10 Baseball: 63
    • 11-12 Baseball: 59
    • 13-14 Baseball: 24
    • 15-16 Baseball: 41
    • Total: 486 players.
  • Joe was fine with combining leagues as long as we don’t stack teams and would like us to have and 11&12 team but aren’t required. ASA softball is good to go.
  • Suggested that we check into changing our EIN # and names on games of chance. Both organizations will be going to H&R Block for Taxes.
  • Website: Brian said website will be $50 a year for hosting. Requested to hire a website design consultant, Brian’s friend Bill Domiano. They have worked together on websites in the past. Brian stated Bill’s fee would be $450.00 for a one-time website setup consulting. Motion was made by Chris, seconded by Shawn to accept that cost.

Motion was made to adjourn meeting by Todd and seconded by Gabe.

Meeting Adjourned:

Armstrong Little League
Meeting Minutes for October 4, 2017

Mike Mills, Gabe Lash, Andy Miller, Mike Johns, Jarrod Toy, Mandy Toy, Curt Fahlor, Andrea Fahlor, Brady Peat, Kristen Peat
Britt Blose, Mike Rizzo, Brian Shaffer, Julie Pella, Tawnya Petrovic, Hilliary Morrow, Jim Morrow, Dave Zablocki, Jeff Southworth,
Tammy Crissman, Tom Scheeren, Mike Coleman, Shawn Shaner, Chris Hutchens, Sean Shafer

Old Business:

  • Motion made to accept minutes from Sept. 20 by Hillary, seconded by Julie.

Committee Reports:

  • $14000 for KLL bank account.

New Business:

  • Metal roofs are put on at the Pawkovich Field.
  • Pepsi contracts need updated Hillary is going to get us the same contract as before.
  • Stewart Field maintenance possible Dave Flick, Pawkovich Field Gabe Lash. Planning to attend the next West Franklin Twp. Meeting to see if they will mow the banks.
  • Concession Stand Stewart Field Jarrod is going to work on that. Pawkovich, possible Mallory Winkoop. Montebell, Hillary Morrow.
  • Bylaws: the Changes were made and motion was made to accept within the 5 day notice by Jarod and seconded by Kristen.
  • Umpire Clinic email was sent out 12 and up for registering.
  • Fundraising and registration pricing: Discussed whether to do by lottery or just do an Opening Day Drawing Majority wanted to do Opening Day Drawing. Registration Pricing: Motion was made by Gabe and seconded by Curt to accept fees as $100 for T-Ball $125 for ages 7 to 12 and $175 for ages 13-16. 2nd and 3rd kid will be $50 cheaper.
  • Tickets will be 1 package of $50 tickets per family to recoup registration money.
  • Discussion of Opening Day being Friday April 20. Dave is to check on AHS football field to have ceremonies. Motion made for Friday night, pending approval and then go back the fields where your kids play to announce names by Chris and seconded by Tom.
  • Umbrella can have 2 organizations under it, but board members can only be on 1 under the umbrella.
  • Public meeting. Motion made to have public meeting on Nov. 1 at 7:30 at West Hills if Jarrod can get the gym by Shawn and seconded by Jeff.
  • Logo. Tabling discussion on the logos for the baseball and softball.
  • Motion made by Mike J., seconded by Andrea to redraft the entire league for the 2018 year. Vote was 20 in favor with 3 opposed.

Next meeting will be Wed. Oct. 11 at 7:30 at the Crafthouse.
Motion made to adjourn by Brian, seconded by Andrea.

Meeting adjourned.

Armstrong Little League
Meeting Minutes for September 6, 2017

Mike Mills, Gabe Lash, Britt Blose, Andrea Fahlor, Curt Fahlor, Tawnya Petrovic, Mike Coleman, Shawn Shaner, Sean Shafer
Mike Rizzo, AJ Crissman, Brian Shaffer, Jim Morrow, Hillary Morrow, Chris Hutchens, Kristen Peat, Jeff Southworth
Andy Miller, Mike Johns, Julie Pella, Dave Zablocki, Tom Sheeren

Old Business:

  • Motion made to accept minutes by Tom and seconded by Mike Rizzo

Committee Reports:

  • KLL account balance: $14,000, WAA account balance: $30,676.68

New Business:

  • KLL mostly uses online registration using Active Network.
  • Motion was made to increase the size of the board to 29 members by Chris and seconded by Brian.
  • Motion was made by Gabe and seconded by Mike C. to add following board members: Josh Bundy, Bobbi Jo Rupp, Andy Miller.
  • Motion was made to add Dave Zablocki by Jeff, seconded by Mike C.
  • Motion was made to add Britt Blose by Hillary, seconded by Shawn S.
  • Motion made to add the following Board members:
    • Vice Pres. Gabe Lash by Chris, seconded by Shawn S.
    • Secretary: Tammy Crissman by Hillary, seconded by Andrea
    • League Information Officer: Brian Shaffer by Jim, seconded by Tawnya
    • Fundraising Manager: Mandy Toy by Chris, seconded by Hillary
    • Marketing Coordinator: Andrea Fahlor by Shawn, seconded by Hillary
    • Coaching Coordinator: Jeff Southworth by Chris, seconded by Sean
    • Umpire in chief: Don Lowry by Gabe, seconded by Shawn
  • Motion was made to change the name to Armstrong Little League by Curt, seconded by Chris.
  • Motion was made to accept Armstrong little as our new web site by Jim, seconded by Andrea.
  • Little League Board Meetings will be every 2 weeks till the end of Oct.
  • All board members are to read over the Bylaws by next meeting to discuss any changes, Kristen to email out WAA Bylaws.
  • All board members are to fill out volunteer form and get it to Sean Shafer.

Next Meeting Agenda:

  1. Review By-Laws
  2. Team names and League Colors
  3. Player Divisions
  4. Finances timeline and what each is to contribute

Motion made to adjourn meeting by Chris and seconded by Kurt.

West Armstrong Athletics
Meeting Minutes for September 6, 2017

Motion made to add KLL existing board to WAA board by Gabe, seconded by Jeff.

Meeting Minutes for Aug 23, 2017
Between Kittanning Little League and West Armstrong Athletics

Mike Mills, MIke Coleman, Jim Morrow, Todd Dosch, Tawnya Petrovic, Julie Pella, Hillary Morrow, Gabe Lash, Britt Blose
Mandy Toy, Jarrod Toy, Shawn Shaner, Andrea Fahlor, Curt Fahlor, Jeff Southworth, Brady Peat, Kristen Peat

Committee Reports:

  • No reports given, but each league is to contribute $15,000 to start and spend the rest on their fields as they see fit.

General Discussion:

  • Plan is to put Baseball into Little League, Softball into ASA, retain Pony for tournament play and possibly T-Ball.
  • We are keeping All-Stars.
  • The new league name will be “Armstrong Little League.”
  • By-Laws: we will accept Kittanning Little League Bi-Laws and modify as needed.
  • Kittanning Little League does have small games of chance, as well as all the non-profit paperwork. H&R Block does the current bookkeeping.
  • West Armstrong also has all non-profit paper work.
  • Discussion on field availability and who can work on each fields, i.e.: Closest field you live to is the one you will work on.
  • There will be a vote by Kittanning Little League to add 2 Executive Board members 1 from each organization.
  • Merger: Motion was made by Jarrod Toy and seconded by Britt Blose to join boards for a future merger.

Meeting adjourned.