Armstrong Little League

Armstrong Athletics is proud of our heritage offering Little League Baseball to the residents of our local communities. We offer the following divisions of play listed below:

Armstrong Athletics Little League Baseball (East Region, Pennsylvania District 26):
Divisions of Play:
Tee Ball Division (age 4-6)
Minor Division, Machine Pitch (age 7-8)
Minor Division, Player Pitch (Age 9-10)

Tee Ball (age 4-6):
The Little League Tee Ball program provides volunteer coaches with everything they need to create an environment where players will learn the skills of the game, while having fun and staying active. Parents and legal guardians of Tee Ball players are crucial to the extension of the program, and their satisfaction is equally important to its success. The outreach and inclusion of this division sets the foundation for continued participation in the local Little League program.

Tee Ball players use bats and balls (baseballs and softballs) designated specifically for use in this division. Parents are strongly encouraged to become involved in this entry level of Little League.

Minor Division, Machine Pitch (age 7-8):
Minor League Baseball programs are for both boys and girls may be operated within each division for younger players with less experience. Divisions may be established within the Minor League for “machine pitch,” “coach-pitch” or “player-pitch.” Players that are League Age 7-8 within Armstrong Athletics are eligible to participate in our “machine-pitch” division. Armstrong Athletics has chosen to utilize the “machine-pitch” option for this age group to streamline games and provide consistent pitching for our younger players.

Minor Division, Player Pitch (age 9-10):
Players League Age 9-10 are eligible to participate in our Little League Minor Division “player-pitch” program. This is  a step-up from “machine-pitch” and begins to introduce young players to live player pitching.