2020 Spring Season Update


This email is intended to update everyone in regards to the Armstrong Athletics 2020 Spring Baseball and Softball Season. I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during this unprecedented time. Currently we are in a suspension for all levels of play with different time frames:

Little League Baseball is currently suspended until May 11, 2020

PONY Baseball is currently suspended until May 1, 2020

USA Softball is currently suspended until May 1, 2020

All of these suspensions could be lifted on these dates or extended. We are in touch with all (3) organizations and will keep you updated as we move forward. All of these organizations are still currently planning on having a Spring season, with the possibility of extending through the summer and/or fall as needed. Tournament play (All-Stars) is still also planned to commence, but no information has been provided to us yet on time frame/schedule or eligibility (number of games required to participate). All (3) organizations have stated they are exploring a number of scenarios and will disseminate the information to local leagues as needed.

All of this is dependent on regulations set forth by each State’s Governor. If for example the suspensions are lifted, but our State does not permit activities, our local league suspension will continue. We will be continually monitoring both the national organizations status as well as our State’s status. We have been in contact with other organizations in Little League District 26, the Butler Area Baseball League (Pony 14U and up), representatives from the Alle-Kiski ASA Fast Pitch Softball League, as well as our Little League District 26 Administrator, PONY Baseball Zone Coordinator and others.

Our Board of Directors and Executive Board have been meeting online to discuss important league activities and the current situation and please be assured we have the safety of our Players, Parents, Coaches, Managers, Umpires and Spectators in mind with any decisions being made. With this being said, we are sympathetic to those who wish to request refunds in the event that they are concerned with their children’s safety and wish to not participate in the current 2020 season.

Our Executive Board have discussed a few scenarios that include the following for the registration fees already paid:

– A full refund of registration fees
– Carrying your registration fee over to next season (2021 Spring Season)
– Donation of registration fees to the league.

This would mean if you are currently registered for the Spring 2020 Season and you do not wish to participate, you can request a full refund, carry over the fees already paid this season to cover your registration fee for the 2021 Season or donate your registration fees to the league. Any requested refunds will be disbursed during the month of May. If you have requested a refund and your registration is cancelled and the season does begin, there will be no option for “re-registering.”

Those who have or want to request a refund will need to send an email to: president@armstrong-athletics.org and state your name, players name, age and division.

Our Board of Directors have been identifying items and procedures needed to continue the required CDC guidelines, such as providing hand sanitizer, disinfectant sprays and procedures for players and spectators to maintain social distancing. We have been working behind the scenes to ensure that we are ready to start once the suspensions are lifted and the State has cleared us for play. Some of the tasks that we have been allowed to perform (according to Little League Baseball, PONY Baseball and USA Softball) include limited field preparation (with a limited number of people), equipment inspection, player drafts and team creation, adoption of revised League Safety Plan and many other startup items that can be performed remotely. We are hoping to have everything in place for when the suspensions are lifted and we can then “hit the ground running.”

Because we are unable to enlist outside Volunteers to help assist in some of these activities at this time, many current Board Members as well as a few former Board members have been devoting a tremendous amount of time helping our league prepare during this unfortunate set of events. Any activities that have required participation from multiple people have been conducted via online meetings.

Please have patience as we navigate through this unknown time and rest assured as soon as we receive additional guidance, we will be sure to keep you updated. We are currently planning to conduct an online Q&A session via Facebook Live sometime in the coming week. We will send out another communication when the schedule has been finalized.

Thank you and please continue to stay safe and healthy!


Brian K. Shaffer
Armstrong Athletics President

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