District 26 Organizations were originally planning to participate in a Late Summer/Fall Season, but due to complications are now in the process of opening their registrations and will be participating in a more traditional Fall Ball program. As a result, the Armstrong Athletics Executive Board has voted to extend registration a few additional weeks and discount the Little League registration fee $50.00 for those who are currently registered for the Late Summer/Fall Program. Those who are currently registered will be refunded $50 of their $125.00 registration fee. The total registration fee for Fall Little League Baseball will be a total of $75.00. Our current numbers show that we are anticipating at least one team per age group with the exception of Intermediate Division and Tee Ball. We do not offer a Fall Tee Ball program. For those who are registered at the Intermediate Level (League Ages 11-13), you have the option to transfer down to Major Division (League Ages 11-12) or transfer up to PONY 16U (League Ages 13-16).

Local leagues in District 26 have expressed interest in creating a 12 year old “send-off” tournament, similar to a traditional Little League All-Star Tournament, for those 12 year olds who missed the opportunity to participate in Little League All-Stars due to the suspension of the 2020 Spring Season. This tournament is in the planning stages and will most likely occur in late September. To be eligible to participate, players League Age 12 must be registered for our Fall Little League Baseball Program.

The Fall PONY Baseball program will follow the same format as the 2019 Fall Season and will be a 16U program, with players League Ages 13-16. The Armstrong Athletics Executive Board voted to discount the Fall Ball registration for those players who participated in the 2020 Summer Season to $25.00 total, due to a shortened Summer Season. The registration fee for those who did not participate in the Summer Season will be $75.00 Registration will not be using our typical online system, due to the differing fees. An online signup form will be posted to our website, sent via email and posted to social media next week for those wanting to register. Payment can be made via check, cash or PayPal. (More details will be provided next week.)

2020 has proven to be a very challenging year to many local recreational sports organizations across the globe and we have felt the pinch as well. Armstrong Athletics had to refund around $25,000 in Spring Registration fees all the while continuing to maintain our facilities. The impact of the loss of the Spring Season and typical valued local sponsorships resulted in a big loss to our normal annual operating budget, which we use for equipment, supplies, maintenance, field improvements, etc. We are looking for any local companies, individuals or organizations who may be interested in sponsoring Fall teams or making a donation to our organization.

We thank you for your patience this year as we are navigating through a truly unprecedented time! We are looking at many exciting opportunities and changes for our upcoming 2021 Spring Season!

Armstrong Athletics Board of Directors

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